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Is the EB-5 Program Your Gateway to the American Dream?

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

American Dream EB-5 Visa
EB-5 American Dream


The current economic climate in the USA is demonstrating signs of recovery and growth following the tumultuous events of recent years. [U.S. Department of the Treasury] The rebound of real GDP, robust consumer spending, promising economic outlook, and a stabilizing job market has turned America into a land of golden opportunities for investors and businesses alike.

This blog will dive deep into this enticing economic climate and uncover why now is an excellent time to seize these opportunities.

The Economic Climate in the USA: A Golden EB-5 Opportunity

The United States, an economic powerhouse, has demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity. The ongoing recovery from the pandemic-induced recession is firmly underway, and indicators suggest robust growth going forward. Such a favorable economic climate is heralding a golden opportunity for prospective investors and existing businesses to grow their portfolios.

Strong GDP Recovery

The resurgence of the American economy is underlaid by a strong GDP recovery. In the first quarter of 2021, real GDP surpassed pre-pandemic levels and is currently 6.1 percent higher than in Q4 2019 [U.S. Department of the Treasury]. This rapid rebound signals sturdy economic resilience and lays the groundwork for future growth.

Consumer Spending

An essential engine of growth for the U.S. economy, consumer spending has remained robust despite inflation threats and rising interest rates [The Conference Board]. The American consumer, unbowed by economic disruptions, continues to drive economic activity, thereby presenting opportunities in the retail and service sectors. Caution is advised, however, as this trend of elevated consumer spending may not be sustainable in the long term.

Economic Outlook

The future looks bright for the American economy. Forecasts by the OECD predict real GDP growth of 1.6% in 2023 and 1.0% in 2024 OECD, providing a long enough runway for businesses to plan and execute their growth strategies. U.S. fiscal and monetary policy adjustments have been instrumental in fostering this positive outlook, rejuvenating investor optimism.

Investment and Economic Trends

The investment landscape is another primary facet of the evolving U.S. economic climate. J.P. Morgan’s projections indicate real GDP expansion of 2% in H2 2023, and 0.5% in H1 2024 [J.P. Morgan]. Furthermore, the Federal Reserve's aggressive interest rate hiking cycle appears to be ending soon. This improved economic scenario holds significant promise for the investment community.

In conclusion, the first half of our exploration into the current alluring economic climate in the USA presents compelling motivation for capitalizing on the present moment. The remainder of this discussion will delve further into the condition of inflation rates, job market trends, global economic influences, and the impressive resilience of the U.S. economy. Stay tuned to uncover more insights into the American economic landscape.

Inflation and Interest Rates

The topic of inflation and interest rates is front and center in any economic discourse. According to Deloitte's United States Economic Forecast, inflation is projected to moderate to below 3% by 2025 [Deloitte]. This moderation in inflation, coupled with a baseline forecast of economic growth decelerating to around 1.5% to 1.6%, suggests a more stable economic climate. For businesses, this brings predictability in economic conditions, enabling them to make better strategic decisions.

Job Market

Sustained economic growth also has positive implications for the job market. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis indicates a healthy job market with the real gross domestic product (GDP) growing at an annual rate of 4.9 percent in the third quarter of 2023 U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). This growth primarily reflects increases in consumer spending and inventory investment along with job creation, contributing to overall economic growth. A thriving job market means more income, leading to increased consumer spending and demand for goods and services, offering a wide array of opportunities for businesses and individuals.

Global Economic Context

One cannot view the U.S. economic climate in isolation from the global economic environment. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) asserts that external shocks, including higher-than-expected inflation worldwide, have significant impacts on the U.S. economy International Monetary Fund. Businesses need to calibrate their strategies to cope with these global economic trends and challenges. The economic climate in the USA thus represents part of a more complex global matrix, presenting both challenges and opportunities.

Economic Resilience

Perhaps the most striking feature of the U.S. economic climate is its demonstrable resilience. Despite facing economic shocks, the U.S. economy delivered a stellar performance in the third quarter of 2023, with a GDP increase at a 4.9% annualized rate Reuters. This resilience is a testament to the inherent strength of the U.S. economy and its capacity to weather uncertainties. Such robustness offers a favorable context for businesses and investors seeking growth and stability.


Unraveling the various aspects of the current U.S. economic climate reveals several promising implications. The robust GDP recovery, sustained consumer spending, positive economic outlook, favorable investment trends, controlled inflation and interest rates, improving job market, and notable economic resilience collectively provide a conducive climate for business expansion and investment. The time is ripe to seize these opportunities and put the wheels into motion. However, careful monitoring of global economic trends and potential challenges remains paramount to ensure the sustainability of these opportunities going forward.


In conclusion, the U.S. economic climate presents a promising landscape characterized by recovery and growth. This positive momentum not only signals optimism for domestic investors but also attracts the attention of entities serving international investors like Intermestic Capital, which thrives in identifying and capitalizing on global economic opportunities.

Intermestic Capital's EB-5 fund, in particular, emerges as a positive investment vehicle given the favorable economic outlook. This immigrant investor program allows individuals to invest in job-creating projects within the United States, aligning perfectly with the current economic trend of job growth and expansion. While challenges may persist, the resilience and dynamism of the United States as a prime destination for investment and economic activity remain evident. As we navigate these evolving economic waters, staying attuned to the insights and strategies of organizations like Intermestic Capital will be instrumental in maximizing the potential benefits of this favorable economic climate.

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